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Theatre Uncut is a simple idea, but we often get asked a lot of questions about how it works. As we are a small team, running a sometimes impossibly ambitious project, we thought that answering some of the most frequently asked questions here would be useful...

How do I access the plays?

We are working hard to make the whole Theatre Uncut catalogue available both online and inprint. Currently only the 2011 plays are avaiable to buy here.

Now that the rights-free period on all TU plays has passed we recommend you contact to arrange permission with the writer and their agent.

Do you pay your writers and actors?

Yes, we are comitted to paying everyone who works directly with Theatre Uncut at least the Living Wage. We started as a voluntary company so we would like to thank everyone who donated their time to Theatre Uncut in the earlier years too. We couldn't have done it without you!

Can your team help organise my Theatre Uncut event?

We would love to help out with every single event across the world, but as we are a small team we don't have the resources. We supply you with the plays, it's up to you from there on. Surprise us!

Can I call my event Theatre Uncut?

It's important that we keep track of all of the Theatre Uncuts happening across the world so we ask that you put the name of either your company, your venue or your city before any Theatre Uncut event you present, so we can keep the different groups performing the project clear. Eg. Bristol: Theatre Uncut

Can I make any cuts to the plays?

No. These are the final drafts. It is Theatre Uncut after all. A lot of time and energy has gone into the creation of these plays so please leave them as they are in respect of the writers.

Do I have to include all of the plays in my event?

No. You are the curator, you can do just one, or the whole lot. It's up to you.

Can we charge for tickets to our event?

Ideally all Theatre Uncut performances would be free of charge, so that everyone has access to them, but we understand that this is not always possible. Sometimes we have no choice but to charge for tickets to cover Theatre Uncut production costs ourselves. We spend a lot of time working out how we can keep these ticket prices as low as possible though, so we ask that you do the same. 

What happens if we make a profit?

It has been known to happen. We ask that all profit goes to our chosen charity Amnesty International

Can we fundraise for our event?

Theatre Uncut is a limited company in the process of becoming a charity so we ask that you don't approach any official funding organisations (including online crowd sourcing) using the name Theatre Uncut. We definitely encourage individual giving and community fundraising, but we ask that you include this sentence in any online or printed information: "The funds from this activity go to company name only, not to Theatre Uncut". 

How do I contact other groups involved?

We encourage you all to join the busy Theatre Uncut online community.

Click here to join our Facebook Community (remember to click 'like').

Click here to follow us on Twitter.

How do I find out about Theatre Uncut events in my area?

All details will be posted on our Facebook page.

Can we perform the plays once the rights-free period has passed?

Yes, but the rights have been returned to the writers, so you are legally obliged to contact us with your plans on to obtain the necessary rights from the writer.

Can I write a play for Theatre Uncut?

The writers we choose are those whose work inspires us. Like any good new writing company, we are always looking for new voices, and will do our best to keep up with plays submitted to us. We only have a small team so please have patience with us.